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Do you need a screener for your pool in Port St Lucie or are looking to get a new screened enclosure built? Look no further than Screen Enclosures of Port Saint Lucie. With more than 20 years' experience, we use the best materials available and prices that won't break the bank. 


Your outdoor living area is more than just a place to unwind; it is an important extension of your home and reflects you. We want to ensure that our work doesn't take away from the character of your property, but only adds value with new additions or improvements like building patios or sunrooms.


Our professionals can design and build anything for any size yard while keeping in mind budget constraints. To help achieve this goal we have been working on countless projects over the last decade such as designing pergolas, adding shutters around windows, installing roofs onto existing patios--all without sacrificing quality no matter what project comes next!


Purpose of Screening- Insect screens provide protection from mosquitoes and other bugs that may carry disease or pollinate flowers while solar insect screens offer greater UV ray protection than standard mesh. Solar screening also keeps out unwanted animals such as birds and flies, but should only be used in certain climates where temperatures don't drop below 45 degrees Fahrenheit at night because it does not allow heat through like traditional insulation varieties.


Super Screens have the same benefits with added golf ball safety! Florida Glass is an opaque option perfect for those who want more privacy.


Port St. Lucie Screen Enclosure is the company to call if you want a beautiful and functional patio or backyard space! We have experienced professionals with years of knowledge in designing structures that will suit your needs, whether it's something small and modest or larger, more elaborate plans for entertaining guests on an expansive outdoor living area.


Our team has everything you need from high-quality products to expert services; we care about our customers' satisfaction because at Port St. Lucie Screen Enclosure - customer service always comes first!


.Call us today at 772-218-7313.


​We bring you a wide range of services that run the gamut of home repair, renovation, construction, and much more to ensure that no matter the vision you have in mind, we have the know-how and experience to turn it into reality.


We know that many potential customers are daunted by the potential cost skyrocketing into the unaffordable when it comes to some of these projects, and we are here to assuage you with the knowledge that not only do we bring you industry-leading experience and service, but do so at a price point that you can afford. Let’s talk!

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A homeowner is using a spline roller tool and knife to replace a damaged panel in a sliding garage screen door with a metal frame.

About Us

Want to enjoy the beauty and serenity of your pool all year round? Get a high-quality, weatherproof screen enclosure installed at port st Lucie Pool Screen Enclosure Installation. With our years of experience in installation and repair services for both residential pools as well as commercial facilities, you can trust us with any size or type of project that requires screens.


Our friendly professionals are expertly trained on different styles like aluminum enclosures which is what we specialize in! Ask about our warranty service today to learn more about how it provides additional protection for many years down the road so even when those pesky seasonal insects invade your space they will be fended off easily by this advanced feature!

Residential Screen Enclosures

At Port St. Lucie Screen Enclosures, we're experts in the installation and repair of residential screen enclosures. Whether you need a new pool enclosure or lanai screening service, we can provide exceptional residential screen enclosure repairs and rescreens to your home. We also offer custom additions for your current screen cage or building a whole new one from scratch!

Commercial Screen Enclosure

If you are in the commercial business industry and looking for a company to install or service your screen enclosure, then look no further than Port St Lucie Re Screen Pros. We have years of experience with commercial businesses and we can tackle any job big or small. Whether you need a new screen enclosure installed, repaired, or serviced our team has got you covered!

Our Services

Port St lucie screen enclosures are an enclosure company that specializes in rescreening screens. They offer the highest quality commercial grade and will beat any competitor's prices up to 30%. Port st lucie provides quick service, which is especially important when it comes time for a pool rescreening or new screened pool enclosure.


Port Saint Lucie Screen Enclosures (PSLE) is one of Florida’s premier providers of solutions for all types of residential patio deck needs—including installation, repair/replacement services as well as screening projects at competitive rates with fast response times!

screen enclosure port st lucie

Porch Screen Enclosures

Porches are a great place to relax and enjoy some time outside. But, if you have had your porch screen for a while it may be in need of repair or replacement. Screen enclosures port st Lucie is here to help! We offer porch screen rescreening and repairs for screens that are old or damaged. And we can also build custom framing around your new porch screen so it will fit perfectly.


We can remove your old porch screens in a timely manner and replace them with new porch screen enclosures. We have all the right tools to install porch frames, door frame inserts, custom-designed porch screens as well as guttering for rainwater run-off. If you are looking to expand your porch we can build custom framing and screens to have the perfect fit around your new porch.

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Homeowner works on repairing door to screened in back porch

Screen Enclosure Repairs

At Port St Lucie Screen Enclosures, we specialize in enclosure screen repair services. We use only American-made pool screen materials and enclosing material to bring you the quality that is unmatched by any other company. Our custom build screens last 10-20 years or more depending on weather conditions/abuse from the elements.


Do you know our complete rescreens come with a free pressure cleaning? No other pool service provider can offer this! Call for details of how much time and money it would save your family today!


We provide top-notch customer care at an affordable price so call us now for further information!

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A swimming pool and deck with screen

Custom Screen Enclosures

What are you waiting for? You have an opportunity to take your home from good to great with the addition of a custom screen enclosures port st Lucie. Whether you want a new pool enclosure or patio enclosure, we can make it happen! We offer screens in all shapes and sizes, so no matter what type of space you need to be screened, we have something that will work for you.


Our process starts by getting measurements of your area as well as considering any other elements such as furniture placement or plantings around the area that might affect visibility. This is just one way that we can customize our screens for each customer's needs!

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Patio Screen Enclosures

Port St Lucie patio screen enclosures installation company offers a lifetime guarantee on all patio screens installed.  Whether your patio is a home or business, Screen Enclosures Port St Lucie installation technicians can bring your patio to life.

Our installation technicians use only high-quality materials available at a competitive price.  The patio screen enclosures are custom-made for each customer.  Screen Enclosures port st Lucie has been in business for over 20 years and we have the experience to know what is needed to create an attractive patio that's also functional and long-lasting.  Our promise is to provide superior service, attention to detail, and patio screens that will last for years.


Patio enclosures add value to homes and provide a comfortable living space throughout can install virtually any size patio enclosure to fit your patio space perfectly.   With the purchase of patio screens from aluminum screen Enclosures Port St Lucie you will never have to worry about hiring a contractor for another patio project as they are at the forefront of outdoor living and design. 


Patio enclosures not only look great but can be functional as well.  We offer an array of designs that will compliment anything you already have going on in your yard with patios, pergolas, sunrooms, or even just patio screen enclosures.

Patio Screen Repair

It's not uncommon to find yourself living in an infested area and wanting a patio. This is why we are here! We want to make sure that you can enjoy your home as much as possible.


It's the solution for getting rid of any pesky insects or bugs, whether they be present in your new home or old one. Give us a call today and let us help you get started with customizing your own screened-in patio enclosure!

Wooden screen door on back porch with rotten wood

Pet Screen Doors

When it comes time to find a new home for your four-legged family member, you'll want a pet door that will work just as well as they do--one designed with their needs in mind and also your own!

Whether you have an outdoor cat or dog who wants access inside on occasion, or if there's one indoor animal who spends most of her/his time outside but doesn't like going up steps from the lower level into the house (or vice versa), we can help install what is called "a through-wall" installation which allows them easy passage both ways at any hour without having doors installed all over every possible opening.

screen enclosures port st lucie

Door Screen Repair

Port St Lucie screen enclosure company is the best place to go when you need help with your screen doors. We are experts in screen door repair services and can fix any screen door issues that you may have.


We know how important it is for homeowners to be able to let fresh air into their house, but also want to protect themselves against bugs. Our team of professionals will make sure that your needs are met and all repairs are done quickly so that you can get back inside!


Some common issues that happen to screen doors and need repair are screen doors that are warped, have holes in them, or won't open.

Aluminum Frame Repair

Florida's constant sun and humidity really take a toll on your pool enclosure. Tearing, cutting or even minor abrasion can make it feel like you're constantly battling with the screen of your patio or swimming pools. However - we have an answer for that!


We offer professional repair services to ensure that you always get high-quality service at competitive rates from our experienced team members who are skilled in everything from one screen panel replacements to complete re-screenings all the way up to structure damage repairs, including super gutters & broken doors (The average Pool Enclosure costs between $15000-$30000).

Aluminum Frame Re-Painting

Pool screen enclosure painting is a great way to update your pool cage without having to build an entirely new one. You may be thinking, "why not just build a whole new pool cage?"


Well, the truth of the matter is that you can probably spend more on building a whole new one than it would cost for professional paint and labor. A lot of people decide to do this because they want their screen enclosure frame looking as close as possible to brand new again.

Complete Re-Screen

The screen enclosure for a pool or porch is probably looking pretty old. The color has faded and cracked, the frame may be bent from various storms in Florida that have passed through.

Not only will this make it hard to enjoy your space but pests like bugs can also get inside causing an array of problems with mosquitos carrying disease into your home! You don't want them coming near you so call us now; we are happy to help keep those pesky critters out by replacing all screens on any existing enclosures - not just repairs!